* This weekend (September 19th and 20th) is the final weekend of the pool this year.   Please call the Clubhouse 507-387-5676 today to make your reservations for Saturday and Sunday from now until Friday at 8:00 pm.  After that time call the pool number 507-387-4318 starting a half hour before opening pod time. 

In looking at the forecast for Saturday the 19th we will open for the 2:40 pm and the 4:30 pm Pod times. For Sunday we will open for the 12:50 and after Pod times.  Make your reservations today!

Thank you all for a great season and making it possible for us to open.  We know that this year was a bit different at the pool and would welcome any feedback for next year.  You may send any feedback you may have to cheryl@mankatogolfclub.com


Beginning  Friday the 28th of August we will again be taking reservations for “blocks” up to four days in advance, as per policy we have been following all summer. Please call the Pool number 507-387-4318 for any and all pool inquiries.  Please remember you are able to make one reservation per day and be a part of one reservation per day.  This allows all members a fair chance to enjoy the pool.



As you may or may not know, in previous years we have opened the pool at 3:00 pm the week before Labor Day with swimming and food & beverage service.
We have great news!
We will be opening at the 2:40 pod time Monday August 31st – Friday September 4th. This will give you 3 pod times to choose from with full food and beverage service!! Then regular pod times for Saturday, Sunday and Labor day!
We are also very excited to not only offer this, but the pool will also be open the weekend of the 12th and the weekend of the 19th with full pod hours on Saturdays and Sundays. “The longest pool season ever!“
Now all we hope is that Mother Nature cooperates! Thank you for your patronage throughout the season and we look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you and your family once again at the pool beginning Friday, August 28th.

_____________________________________________________________________Remaining Pool Hours for the Year- make your reservations up to 4 days in advance

Friday, August 28th – Sunday, August 30th – Opens at 11:00

Monday, August 31st – Friday. September 4th – Opens at 2:40

Saturday, September 5th, Sunday, September 6th and Monday, Labor day September 7th Opens at 11:00
*Due to the weather forecast the pool will be closed Labor Day 

Saturday, September 12th & Sunday, September 13th – Opens at 11:00
*Due to the weather forecast the for Saturday we will be closed for the 11:00 Pod time and the 12:50 Pod time.  We will evaluate the weather and temp to see if we can open at the 2:40 Pod time.  

Saturday, September 19th & Sunday, September 20th – Opens at 11:00

All availability is subject to change depending upon weather conditions

Remember to reserve your pod in advance. Thank you

All of our memberships include the amenities of our heated full-service swimming pool. Get away from the public pools and enjoy your day in the sun. The Mankato Golf Club offers full-service staff to accommodate your food, snack and any beverage needs. We also offer professional lifeguards for the safety of our membership, as well as providing private and group swimming lessons.

***For all important information please read entire page**

Pool New General Policies & Procedures

  RESERVATIONS ONLY call pool number 507-387-4318 to reserve your time.
Reservation times:  11:00-12:30, 12:50-2:20, 2:40-4:10, 4:30-6:00, 6:20-7:50


All payments at the pool will need to be Member Charge.  Everyone must sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

**Food and beverage service is available at our pool off the special pool menu only** To ensure proper speed of service, execution and presentation the clubhouse menu is not available at the pool.  Beverages available to the pool will be listed at the pool.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.  

PLEASE REMEMBER – NO OUTSIDE food or beverages permitted.  



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Upcoming Events

May 2020

12 May

Ladies 18 Hole League Begins

2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Event Details

Tuesday morning league with tee times starting at 8am

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13 May

Ladies 9 Hole League Begins

6:00 am

Event Details

Wednesday night afternoon tee time starts. Different event every week

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Sep 2020

26 Sep

“Surf & Turf” night Curbside pick up or Dine in

10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Event Details

Every Friday Night & Saturday Night Chef Matt will create a special “Surf & Turf” dinner for curbside carry out or Dine in.  “Surf & Turf” night will include a delicious “surf” and fresh “turf” these will be a variety of different combinations to create each and every delectable dinner.  Try one tonight!

Every curbside pick up order should be placed before 6:30 pm.  507-387-5676

Read More
29 Sep

Stir Fry night with a twist for curbside pick up or dine in

10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Event Details

We are very excited to offer Stir Fry Night to pick up curb side or dine in.

Create your own special Stir Fry choose from Beef, Shrimp or chicken, an array of vegetables and herbs  then pick either Lo Mein or Rice Noodles.  Each stir fry comes with rice and a fortune cookie.

For and additional cost top off your stir fry meal by adding on either Egg rolls or Wontons

You can either email your orders by 2:00pm to cheryl@mankatogolfclub.com or call them in 507-387-5676.  All orders need to be placed by 6:30pm.  Please do not leave voice mail messages with order information.

Stir Fry Night Selections

If you would like to leave an additional gratuity please let us know at the time of placing the order.  Thank you.

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30 Sep

Pasta Night with a twist- To Go

10:00 pm - 1:00 am

Event Details

We are very excited to still offer our ever popular Pasta Night with just a bit of a twist
Choose the items you would like to have on your pasta you will order and we will create your unique dish made to order. This is a busy night so get your orders in early!

Pasta Night to go

You may either email your order (until 2:00pm to cheryl@mankatogolfclub.com) or Call 507-387-5676 to place your order. Please do not leave voice mail messages with order information.

If you would like to leave an additional gratuity please let us know at the time of placing the order.  Thank you.

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Oct 2020

08 Oct

Men’s Closing Stag

7:30 pm - 1:00 am

Event Details

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