Guest Information

Invited guests or reciprocal golfers are welcome at the Mankato Golf Club and we hope you enjoy our course and its amenities. As a private golf course, MGC is not open to the general public and its use is exclusive to the membership.

We recommend your review our policies prior to arriving.

Check In

All guest must check in immediately upon arrival with the Golf Shop.

Dress Code

The MGC dress code for members and all guests in the clubhouse, on the golf course, putting green or driving range should be neat in appearance. Men must wear a collared golf shirt (mock necks are acceptable) with slacks, untattered/unripped jeans or dress/golf shorts. For women, collared shirts are required with a sleeveless top or else a sleeved shirt with either a golf or reasonable t-shirt collar and either slacks, unttattered/unripped jeans mid-thigh length shorts or skorts.

Unacceptable attire for all members and guests including children on the golf course, range or clubhouse include, but not limited to include, short shorts, tennis shorts, sweatpants, cut-offs, tank tops and jean shorts. All members shall be responsible for their guest’s dress. Further details are available in the Golf Shop.

Hats must be removed in the main dining room other than after a Monday charity event.

  • Children must adhere to the same golf course and clubhouse dress code as is established for adults.

Cell Phones & Music

Cell phones can be used on the golf course but should always be done discreetly. Members and guests are asked to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Music on the golf course must be kept at a level that can only be heard from a maximum of 30 yards.

Alcohol & Food Policy

  • No alcohol of any type is allowed to be brought onto club property. This includes the golf course and swimming areas.
  • No outside food may be brought into the clubhouse or swimming pool area at any time.

Swimming Pool Rules

  • All members and guests must sign in when they first enter the pool area.
  • The use of the pool is forbidden unless an authorized instructor or guard is on duty.
  • All children twelve years of age or younger will not be admitted to the pool unless such child is accompanied by an adult who will assume responsibility for the child’s welfare at all times.
  • Coolers of any type will not be permitted at the pool. Food and drinks must be purchased at MGC.
  • Swimsuits are not allowed in the upper main level of the clubhouse. Swim attire can only be worn at the pool.

Our lifeguards are trained to prevent accidents and perform first responder care. MGCC appreciates parents providing a level of supervision for their children as they would at any park or event.